Being a self-taught photographer with over 10 years of experience in practice, I specialize in outdoor/nature landscape capturing. I've also been known to do food event photoshoots, where I capture the spirit of the guests and the tantilizing dishes being served.

Utilizing my 9 years of knowledge using Adobe Photoshop™, I also specialize in graphics manipulation and editing, with a minor in design. Already conditioned to extensive hours of editing, I am creative, adaptive and self-driven, with an impeccable dedication to my artwork.

I spend most of my time as an avid iphoneographer, capturing unique perspectives of the world. I also own a Canon 70D, to which I use to do shoots. I enjoy shooting, editing and posting to my Instagram account which boasts over 900 organic followers.

My passion is inspiring others and promoting positivity through my photo-artwork.

I am constantly growing and striving for personal excellence and hope to

'Be the Change I Want to See' in this World.